How Luxury Retail Security Should Change Your Business Strategy

How Luxury Retail Security Impacts Your Business Strategy

Luxury Retail has somewhat changed. Luxury used to mean expensive handbags and rare furs – however in the age where experience is everything, businesses needed to change their strategies. Clients want to feel special, and emotionally connected with their brand experience.
So, what does that mean for Luxury Retail Security? Simply, security is now a more integrated part of the business. Only a security provider who understands luxury can deliver the ultimate experience, one of professionalism and a high level of customer service.
This, underpinned with discreet technology and reliable behind-the-scenes operational management, requires a seamless security solution.
Finding the right security provider can easily be what sets your brand apart from others, and ultimately changes the way your business views the importance of security.

Increased profits

As well as client-experience, luxury businesses are of course still focussed on profit. Loss Prevention is a key area.

Specially trained security experts help to reduce loss from theft; either internal or external. So, partnering with a security firm that has a wealth of knowledge and experience should be a priority for all luxury businesses.

Outsourced security can allow existing staff to provide undivided service to clients, creating a more focused work environment. However it’s wise to have retail staff trained in Loss Prevention Awareness techniques.

Increased profit chart

Luxury Security Officer

Boost brand image

Brand image is important to every business, however within Luxury Retail, image is everything. Businesses spend years building up a highly regarded reputation – therefore any outsourcing of staff must match the immaculate presentation the brand has worked so hard to achieve.

Often at the front of the store, Security Officers are the first point of contact for clients. It’s essential they are completely in line with the brand’s image.

Retailers should never have to settle for anything less than perfect.


Creating the perfect is experience is great, however without safety elements in place, clients and staff are not in the best hands.

Not all security providers employ staff that are fully trained. However using a company that trains its Security Officers in Fire, First Aid and Health and Safety will not only fall in line with government regulations, it will add a huge benefit to the overall safety of your team.

Thorough risk assessments should be conducted on a regular basis to ensure processes are up-to-date and staff are fully informed of any eventuality.

Risk Assessment Document
If your business is in need of “more than just a security company”, please get in touch today with Rossi Security. We’re committed to ensuring our security solution is intrinsically aligned with your business strategy, laying the foundations for ultimate success.